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Welcome to the new website of Marble Polishing Belfast. We are a company that polishes marble in the Belfast / Lisburn area. Marble is commonly known as any stone capable of being polished. This includes limestone, cream marfil, carrera, travertine, nero marquina, marron emperador and many others.

Marble Polishing Belfast is a small, but growing local business that operates from Finaghy to Castlerea and from Dunmurry to Dondonald. This includes all areas between or adjacent as well as the City of Lisburn.

About Marble Polishing Belfast

We are a dedicated, family run business with a kind and helpful staff. Together, we have a combined experience of over 30 years in the flooring industry. Coming from a strong background in tiling, we moved into the floor renovation business over 10 years ago. Our staff have undergone training around the globe with the best and most recognised floor renovation companies in the world. These include Italy’s ‘Faber Chemica’ and England’s ‘Clean Tile and Grout’ among others.


The process of marble cleaning can be summarised under the following points:

  1. Diamond Grinding: This is used to remove lips from a floor and leave a flat, even surface.
  2. Diamond Honing: A low-shine is created on the floor, either as the final finish or as a base for the next step.
  3. Diamond Polishing: This provides a high-shine, mirror-like finish to the tiles.
  4. Marble Sealing: The sealing of the floor protects it from spills and stains in the future.

At Marble Polishing Belfast we are proud of the equipment and systems that our staff use. The machines that are used are carefully chosen to give better results in less time. Thus there is less interference with the business or home. The systems and processes that are used, along with what chemicals need to be applied to the floor, are chosen depending on the unique qualities of your floor to give the preferred finish. Our personnel are highly trained in this field and can quickly determine what treatment each floor requires to renew its appearance.

Marble polishing in Belfast is only one of many services that we offer. Marble Polishing Belfast also offer:

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